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Fiberlab Technologies LLC is an Austin start-up with expertise as a custom technology solutions provider for industrial hemp and medical marijuana industry.  We are currently seeking qualified personnel to staff our commercial plant in Los Angeles.

Current Positions

Medical Cannabis Extraction/Purification Process Manager
Fiberlab Technologies, LLC – Los Angeles, CA

The Process Manager will oversee and execute the operation of Fiberlab Technologies LA operations with the goal of producing the highest quality cannabinoid oils and crystalline cannabinoid products. This leadership position requires providing engineering leadership, analyzing data, adjusting workflow, troubleshooting, writing, and updating procedures, and training operators and technicians to increase yields and efficiency.

The Manager is expected to work independently to consistently produce the best possible products, ensure the careful execution of standard operating procedures, and deliver products to clients on a timely basis. The Manager will maintain a clean, compliant, professional, and safe atmosphere in the Fiberlab facility. Regular communication with Fiberlab Principals is to be maintained to ensure all operational needs are met and any procedural problems are addressed and resolved proactively. He or she is to ensure compliance with all pertinent federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

The Process Manager is responsible for the company’s overall LA operations, including staffing, processing protocols, strategy, and day to day production while supervising a team of operators and technicians. For more information visit our website www.fiberlab.io




Job Type: Full-time

Laboratory Assistant
Fiberlab Technologies, LLC. – Los Angeles, CA

Job Description

The Laboratory Assistant will join a multifaceted team working on multiple projects in the fast-growing Cannabis industry. This position will include isolating, purifying, and crystallizing cannabinoids. The successful candidate will be confident and proven in their ability to learn and run independently, new or modified laboratory procedures; as well as documenting and reporting their results. The successful applicant will have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with others in an organized fashion. This position will work closely with and directly under the Fiberlab Laboratory Manager. The successful applicant can also expect to work occasionally with other members of the Fiberlab team, who have expertise in Sales and Marketing.



Job Type: Full-time

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