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Competitive Advantages

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The Cannabinator®   Clean oil separation: CBDA on top; waste stream on the bottom

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Patented IP

Fiberlab® uses its patented and proprietiary skid mounted Cannapūr™ extraction and post extraction oil processing technology to provide continuous flow bulk crude Industrial Hemp Oil (“IHO”) enrichment and purification in volumes previously unheard of in this Industry. Our patented Liquid Fiber Technology™ (LFT™) removes unwanted fatty acids, waxes, gums, and other impurities from crude oil leaving enriched full spectrum cannabinoids. The Cannabinator®, which is the core component of our Cannapūr operating system, is a skid mounted all stainless steel plug-and-play system with a small, energy efficient footprint that requires very low maintenance ideally suited for long-term cost effective operations. Our closed-loop cold filtered process uses no heat or pressure thereby maintaining the integrity of the whole natural plant material.  The Cannabinator is very flexible allowing for clean acid cannabinoid separation and extracted crude oil to be heated to its decarboxylation point if desired by the client. Sustainable continuous flow economies of scale producing diverse and superior finished product lines across multiple applications give Fiberlab a distinct competitive advantage to capture market share.


The scientific experts at Fiberlab are able to maximize the full spectrum efficiencies of our IP by fractionalizing, or separating out individual cannabinoids in bulk.  These separated Cannabinoids can then be compounded or blended together to achieve the optimal profile for treating a patient’s symptoms.  Cannabinoids are infused to the precise dose prescribed by a Doctor or to a patients desired potency and effect. Currently there is no technology on the market capable of separating cannabinoids for compounding on the scale Fiberlab offers.

Research and Development

Fiberlab is currently developing a customized front-end extraction and proprietary sequential enrichment system that will work in tandem with the Cannabinator to provide a safe, secure and fully integrated turn-key “black-box” solution for harvest-to-market oil.  This oil can be delivered as a high potency distillate with potency ranging from 75%-95% depending on customers price point and desired finished product, 99.995% pure concentrate, cannabinoid oil or crystalline isolate in a highly efficient continuous flow process. Once this system is fully calibrated, it will further strengthen Fiberlab’s position as the leading custom solutions provider of “Disruptive Technology for the Cannabis Industry™”.


Quality Assurance