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Core Values


At Fiberlab® our mission is to help improve the daily lives of:

by providing them an all-natural product that is highly effective with no adverse or undesirable side effects


Fiberlab® seeks long-term strategic relationships with stable and credit worthy bulk crude Industrial Hemp Oil (IHO) and whole plant suppliers and/or distributors in  the US and internationally to ensure sustainable long-term growth. Our proprietary patented technology enables Fiberlab® to process the lowest grade crude IHO resulting in a high concentration of pure cannabinoid concentrate or crystalline in large volumes for use in the medical and pharmaceutical consumer sectors. Our economies of scale provide profit margins that are substantially greater than any other process in an industry where demand is rising sharply as existing markets are experiencing explosive growth and new markets are opening on a regular basis.

Socially Responsible Investing

Fiberlab® is a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) company that services the needs of our clients and patients while enriching the local economies in which we operate:


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Quality Assurance