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Core Values


At Fiberlab® our mission is to help improve the daily lives of:

by providing them an all-natural product that is highly effective with no adverse or undesirable side effects


Fiberlab® seeks long-term strategic relationships with stable and credit worthy bulk crude Industrial Hemp Oil (IHO) and whole plant suppliers and/or distributors in  the US and internationally to ensure sustainable long-term growth. Our proprietary patented technology enables Fiberlab® to process the lowest grade crude IHO resulting in a high concentration of pure cannabinoid concentrate or crystalline in large volumes for use in the medical and pharmaceutical consumer sectors. Our economies of scale provide profit margins that are substantially greater than any other process in an industry where demand is rising sharply as existing markets are experiencing explosive growth and new markets are opening on a regular basis.

Socially Responsible Investing

Fiberlab® is a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) company that services the needs of our clients and patients while enriching the local economies in which we operate:


Management Team

Edward Klaeger

Mr. Klaeger brings more than 26 years’ experience in corporate finance and asset management in capital markets in the US, Switzerland and Germany with more than 12 years focused on clean technology and clean renewable energy in emerging economies in Europe, Eastern Europe and more recently the US. Mr.  Klaeger heads Fiberlab’s global operations.

Dr. Scott Davis

Dr. Davis brings specific expertise in biochemistry, genetics and genome science. He has published more than 100 articles and served as a professor of genetics at Texas A&M University. Dr. Davis holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from Washington University and heads the Fiberlab new product research and development team.

Dr. John Massingill

Dr. Massingill previously worked at Dow Chemical for 25 years and is the inventor and patent owner for the Fiber Reactor™ technology in the bio-oil and biodiesel Fields. Dr. Massingill holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Texas Christian University and heads the Fiberlab scientific research team.

Pierre Sharboneau

Mr. Pierre “Perry” Sharboneau brings experience in project development from his background in real estate negotiations, agricultural management and eco-tourism. He has a proven track record of successful business activities in the US and other international markets. Mr. Sharboneau also holds a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas Pan-American.

Dr. Patel Pulinkumar

Dr. Pulinkumar is the leading expert on Fiber Reactor™ (FR) technology operations. Dr. Pulinkumar holds a PhD in Industrial Chemistry from Sardar Patel University, India and is doing postdoctoral work in Process Development at Texas State University. Dr. Pulinkumar heads scientific training and FR operations for Fiberlab.

D. Rafael Toledano

Mr. Toledano is the Business Development Manager for Fiberlab, Inc and brings over two decades of international business development experience in New York, Zurich, and Tel Aviv where he has focused on corporate finance and marketing for emerging technology companies seeking to enter new markets. Mr. Toledano holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Santos Reyes

Mr. Reyes is the Fibrelab™ Chief Engineer and brings more than 31 years experience as a master technician and mechanical engineer in the semi-conductor industry where he worked for AMD, Motorola and NXP.




Bobby Malone

Robert “Bobby” Malone is the Fiberlab™ Colorado Operations Manager.  He is an expert on the Cannabis plant as well as Cannabinoids and their medicinal benefits. Prior to working at Fiberlab Bobby moved to Colorado in 2014 for personal health reasons and to learn the Cannabis Industry. Bobby has worked previously as a representative for the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Quality Assurance