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About Fiberlab

Fiberlab® has an industry disruptive patented bulk Cannabinoid processing technology

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Crude Industrial Hemp Oil

Fiberlab's Cannapūr™ technology enriches, purifies and separates the lowest grade Hemp extract into a clear odorless premium oil

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Bulk Cannabinoid Separation

Fiberlab bulk cannabinoid separation is ideal for use in the alternative health medical and pharmaceutical markets

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Custom Private Label

After enriching and purifying Hemp oil, Fiberlab can separate targeted individual cannabinoids for medical compounding

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Client Reviews

  • 3/8/2018

    “I have an electric pen, and smoked a little for lunch.  The flavor is there, and I feel the effects within seconds.  The terpenes are great, and when I got home I smoked it out of my rig. Thats when everything came into full effect.  Where can I find your product?”

    -Eddie G., Los Angeles


    Black Magic™, Full Spectrum Extract

  • 3/2/2018

    “Fiberlab Full Spectrum Extract is grade AAA! I feel great, calm and focused.  One little dab provided 5 doses.  You have to let me know when it starts hitting the shelves so I can buy some!”

    -John, LA California

    Black Magic™, Full Spectrum Extract

  • “When I recommend extract to customers its Fiberlab’s -Black Magic FSE-.  I tell them “the experience is smooth, clean, clear, potent, with great natural terpenes and the benefits last for hours instead of minutes.  There isn’t another extract on the shelf that compares”

    – Nicola, Los Angeles

    Black Magic™, Full Spectrum Extract

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