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About Fiberlab

Fiberlab® has an industry disruptive patented bulk Cannabinoid processing technology

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Crude Industrial Hemp Oil

Fiberlab's Cannapūr™ technology enriches, purifies and separates the lowest grade Hemp extract into a clear odorless premium oil

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Bulk Cannabinoid Separation

Fiberlab® bulk cannabinoid separation is ideal for use in the alternative health medical and pharmaceutical markets

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Custom Private Label

After enriching and purifying Hemp oil, Fiberlab® can separate targeted individual cannabinoids for medical compounding

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Client Reviews

  • “When I recommend extract to customers its Fiberlab’s -Black Magic FSE-.  I tell them “the experience is smooth, clean, clear, potent, and it lasts for hours instead of minutes.  There isn’t another extract on the shelf that compares”

    -The Green Library, Nicola (Budtender)

    Black Magic™, Full Spectrum Extract

  • 3/2/2018

    “Dude… this stuff is grade AAA! I feel great, and one little dab has filled 5 bags on my volcano.  You have to let me know when it starts hitting the shelves so I can buy some!”

    -John, LA California

    Black Magic™, Full Spectrum Extract

  • 3/8/2018

    “I have an electric pen, and smoked a little for lunch.  The flavor is there, and I feel fantastic within seconds.  The terpenes are great, and when I got home I smoked it out of my rig. Thats when everything came into full effect.  Where can I find your product?”

    -Eddie G., Los Angeles


    Black Magic™, Full Spectrum Extract

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